Tesla owners can drink and drive
The point is not driving drunk, the point is the world is being overtaken by software.

Python / Ruby / JavaScript

You've seen these programming languages thrown around - but you've heard it's hard to learn.


But, it's oh so satisfying. ( way more fun than Mandarin Chinese )

But the Impostors! ( all...
The thing stopped working.
$100 for a simple script to sync files from one server to another - said a craigslist post.

It was a Friday, I wanted to verify my developer skills, so I reached out with a quick text message - only later seeing that all inquiries should have come through email.

As a...
Typing the Docs
When you don't know how to make something work in code, the old time suggestion was to RTFM. It meant read the fucking manual.

Of course, back in the RTFM days, you wouldn't ask somebody how to do something unless you were into it. And, if you were "into it" you'd...
Wrap your code
Spend a lot of time with somebody, as many of us are doing in these COVID-19 times and the conversations repeat. Time with any material causes patterns to emerge and familiarity to grow.

When you spend a lot of time with code, the language becomes your own and your fingers can...
I/O -- Can You Connect
Inside the machine you're typing on -- there is only data. The 1s and 0s in green cascading on the black background of the matrix -- yeah, that's all just data. The data, it turns out, are created by electrical signals and are then grouped into recognizable patterns. This is...
This isn't YOUR software.
Little kids and software developers both know the secret to happiness is adding more to your plate than you can comfortably eat -- just because you can.

It starts off reasonably enough.

One creative user thinks it would be great if there was a button that could do X - some work...
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