Data. It's data. Know your data.

Computers don't have to be as complicated as we make them.

The premise is kinda simple. All the things we are manipulating go by a shared name: data.

Computer code manipulates data. It gets values from somewhere, possibly runs some computation on the values, and then puts them somewhere else.

The where of data is memory. It has to be in storage on a hard drive before it's requested. It could be in short term memory, but it's just hanging out waiting. Think of all data as sitting in a big doctor's office waiting for the doctor to see them. When they get called, they stand up and move.

It gets hard is when you lose track of the data. "Hey, where's my data?" 

Anything is hard when you're not understanding the ingredients.

My mom likes to buy baking ingredients in bulk and move them to plastic containers. Flour, sugar, salt, oats, etc. all in big, clear containers with great lids. When it's time to bake — and it's always time to bake at her house — we pull out all the ingredients. Last Christmas, it was my turn and all the containers were out, the mixer was out, and I was grabbing ingredients in a race to finish my cookies. 

Simple mistake. I used 1/2 cup of salt instead of sugar.

Who puts 5lbs of salt in a container? LOL

Know your ingredients - know your data.
wow how did those cookies turn out? Lol usually you can just increase the amount of every other ingredient but itd be hard to match 1/2 cup of salt.

btw. family feud! 
2021-03-02 18:25:20
The bake was good. The taste wasn't as popular as some of the sweeter bakes on offer. 
2021-03-02 18:33:01