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Short Stories

Fear of change
Fear of change

A common pitfall in storytelling is not choosing to tell a story that leaves the character changed forever. I was sitting outside feeling summer breeze under a tree when this thought came to me:

We fear changing our characters forever because we fear it...
2021-06-13 17:03:13

Dreams of Flesh
Dreams of Flesh

Jeannie was talented. And incredibly beautiful. When such beauty is paired with even a modicum of talent the halo effect swindles you into hyperbolizing all non tangible assets about them. But no matter how much of that fallacy I was victim to, from an objective stance
2021-06-13 16:49:43

What makes a legend?
What makes a legend?

Tim Subiaco will always be a legend to me. He was one of the rare members who wrote fiction everyday. Almost all the other people couldn't manage it. They either were like me and got stuck by the allure of writing the
2021-06-12 15:23:22


The other day I felt just how old I was. In a major city I wouldn't be old, more middle aged for working at a media company, but at Balloon House I was definitely the boomer. Everybody else was either fresh out of...
2021-06-12 14:48:15

Killing an afternoon
Killing an afternoon

It was after dropping off Sal for his afternoon Chemistry class that she had a day to spare. Just a few hours more honestly, but hours in the afternoon seemed to stretch on for her these days. Mornings and evenings would fly by but the liminal space of sunny, summer...
2021-06-12 14:38:31

Proud as reply to Early Days...

After years of bickering about the lameness of employment and exalting the virtues of entrepreneurship and infinite leverage, I'm proud to learn that Seun has begun a job as Product Manager.

I'll always reflect back at our many conversations as wantrepreneurs with a big smile. A smile because even though...
2021-06-11 17:48:59