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Documenting Adagia

One thing I realized when I finally converted Becoming Abe's project-type from a collection to a memoir was how absurd it is have a single all encompassing memoir series. I realized this only when confronted with the UI that asked my target length. The highest allowed was 12K words. 

My initial...
2021-04-09 15:00:35

The Importance of Organic Food
Money doesn't grow in dirt

Even today my mom cuts napkins in half before placing them into the rack. One time when we were running low I had replaced them myself. Few seconds later she was already hovering over the dining table with her scissors dutifully mutiplying our napkin 2x before anybody could use any. 

2021-04-09 14:37:58

Arms Race as reply to My food

Targeted Ads might seem like a new term of the digital marketing era, but ads, and products, have been targeted since even before the Mad Men days. Our tools for feeding sellers information has just increased.

Nowadays rather than focus groups of 12 where researchers observe potential consumers through a one-way...
2021-04-08 14:41:20

Streak City
Pre Nostalgia

J extended his right arm, palm facing the sky.

"If you find this to be bad then you ought to thank me for insiting on that final drink." Berkan let out two burps. He then covered the top of his face using both his hands. J followed suit.

The drizzle was just...
2021-04-07 17:03:20

Streak City

Tim stepped out from under the roof when the rain waned to drizzle.

When he first moved to Streak City any amount of rainfall had cause him to run for cover. Then he bought an umbrella that he carried everywhere. And now finally he didn't even notice drizzling rain and walked...
2021-04-06 16:17:59

Streak City
The late afternoon crowd

Chewed up Pork Knuckle inside their bellies and a new round of beer on tabletop, you could now look around The Boar Hall and see the dinner crowd start to fill in.

The late afternoon folk, the early drinkers, cast an entirely different atmosphere than those who had made dinner plans....
2021-04-05 16:03:16

Streak City
Pork Knuckle

They arrived at a place called The Boar Hall. It was too late for lunch, but a bit too early for dinner. 

A waitress placed two beers in front of J and Berkan immediately after the two sat down. Five minutes later when their beers were nearly empty a different waitress...
2021-04-04 15:09:42

Streak City
Two writers head to dinner

Inside room 217 was a young man standing barefoot on his bed while spinning a towel in the air.

"Oh hello."

He got down from the bed and came over to shake J's hand.

"My name is Berkan."

"Hi, Berkan. I'm J."

"J? Hmmm. An interesting name. Where are you from, J?"


"Ha! Well we must...
2021-04-04 03:20:20

Becoming Abe
The Importance of Meals -- pt 2

   Elementary School

I heard two phrases nearly every meal during this phase of life. 

Scrape your bowl clean.

Eventually I'd learn to not leave a single grain of rice in my bowl. I'd learn to leave not a drop of deanjjang chigae. But until then I kept being told to scrape my...
2021-04-02 22:33:59

Becoming Abe
The Importance of Meals -- pt 1

   Elementary School

My mom had to drag me away for meals. I would either be playing outside with the neighborhood kids or inside glued to a videogame. Whatever had my attention, it pained me to step away for something as trivial as a meal.

I couldn't understand the adult world's fixation...
2021-04-01 13:48:06