The Feeling of Forever

as reply to Beginning

A programming package used for Adagia gives the developer a sagacious quote written as a comment any time they generate a new component.

The other day's quote was

Close your eyes and count from zero to one. That is how long forever feels like

I actually did this. Closed my eyes and counted from zero to one while taking a deep breath. 

I haven't yet looked up other people's interpretations. My own popped into my head immediately when I read it, even before closing my eyes. 

This interpretation was related to how our mind loops. Thought loops persist in ongoing cycles that we fail to even notice for long parts of our days. It might be the causal walk or soe other meditative moment where we're able to notice. 

The point from noticing and then deciding to do something about it is what I think feels like forever. That moment when we are out of our loops and deciding what we wish to do and be onwards is what feels like forever. Forever because it's the divide between who we have been and who we may become.