You Sank My Battleship


Cargo Ship. Battle Ship. Floats on water. Big as fuck. Requires a port and open seas to operate correctly.

While the water-bound usage is stronger than ever, the Internet world is adopting Ship as a verb. It means put your work into the world. Do some work. Try something. Ship it.

A couple of years ago, I joined a group for shipping work. It was started by a programmer who is competent and creative. He ships his work into the world. He ships just at the time when he believes it to be "good enough". He knows any complaints will give him specific tasks to fix and he doesn't launch  anything that solves mission critical problems. If it provides value for him, he ships it.

I quickly realized I sucked at shipping. It's not like I can't get myself to do work. It's more that I wasn't able to get myself to focus on anything long enough to get results worth sharing. In band terms - I'm picking up a new instrument every day but not playing it enough to finish a song.

Fast forward to Ship The Work.

I'm choosing something. I sitting down with a simple instrument and starting to play. I'll find the beat. 

My plan is to let others join me. We'll make noise. Eventually a rhythm will emerge and we'll start moving together; swaying in time.

To Ship The Work, one must show up and start nodding their head with the sounds the market. That's all. Eventually, they'll join in. They'll pick their instrument, find their work, and and start shipping.

What's the work that you ship?

Congrats on your dumpling! I'll read this later and give you a real comment then lol
2021-03-08 20:22:38
I remember you writing about a sarcastic scenario of someone being able to order a beer in ten languages. Lol. Yeah it's really hard to focus because there's just so many good things in life. So much novelty beckoning us, alluring us into a new adventure. And this is siren of dopamine. 

I love that you and I have been helping each other not only realize the power of focus but also the actualizing it. 
2021-03-09 14:29:55