The low budget track car

If you use your Mazda MX-5 as a daily drive, you may want to have a little more fun and make a few modifications to build a low budget track car. A set of lower budget modifications will offer an excellent track experience when behind the wheel with sharper steering and a solid feel.

Fitting coilovers to replace the regular springs and shock absorbers in your suspension will provide you with a great handling car.

A limited-slip differential will help you to put the power in corners without breaking traction. It will mean that the car can corner faster without the unnerving feeling of tires losing grip. It can also reduce the wear on the tyres due to loss of traction.

Getting a good set of street tyres will give you confidence in cornering and ensure that the back of your car doesn't break out and cause some oversteer.

And don't forget the brakes. Check your brakes before each track day to ensure you have plenty of pad and that brake discs are in good shape. There is nothing worse than finding your brakes aren't up to scratch when you need them.

Engine modifications may give the car a bit more noise, but they are unnecessary when building a low budget track car.

With these simple modifications, you are set to hit the track. Keep it on the black stuff and have fun.

Researches YouTube for LSD - goes down rabbit hole of DIY car mods. Thanks Peter. Good stuff, as usual.
2021-03-11 05:51:13

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