The art of racing in the rain

The weather is a bit wet today, so I am spending the day indoors watching the Supercars race on TV.  They are racing at Sandown Raceway, not far from me, so I am not surprised they have to race in the rain.

As you could expect, when the track grip decreases, the lap times will plummet. As a result, driving a race car in the rain requires some changes to the car and changes to your driving technique. 

You will need some wet weather tyres, ones with some grooves in them so that the water gets ejected away from the tyre to provide as much grip as possible. Softening the suspension settings are favourable in the wet to help with traction.

When driving in the wet, the fastest line around the track is often very different from the dry racing line. This is because the rubber embedded in the tarmac from racing tyres is extremely slippery when wet. It's always a good idea to watch the fastest drivers and follow where they drive.

Avoid wheel spin where you can.  If the rear wheels lose traction, it takes a few tenths of a second for grip to be regained – precious time in which you could be driving forwards. Use as much throttle as you can without breaking traction.

But most of all, you need to be patient. Pushing too hard will only slow you down and make you more frustrated. Going faster in the wet is about driving better, not harder, so don't drive beyond your limits.

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