ai mimicking writing coffee

as reply to "I see"

The car continued to drive. It was raining. The man stopped asking questions. He thought of things. He was sad. The world was out to crush him. It was had. But now it had crushed him harder. Who were these men? They were scary. He was scary. More than sad.

He thought of asking one more time. Then he restrained. What reply would he get back. The car continued driving. 18 minutes later the car arrived at a building. The man in the back looked at it and frowned.

"Here we are." the man up front said.

"Okay," the prisoner said. "Why are we here?"

"You'll find out soon enough."

"That's not fast enough."

"Yes it is."


Inside there were people shuffling around. Some said hi to them, but most of them looked at them without saying anything. Nobody ignored them. It was like they knew why he was here.

The smell of 
floated in the air. He could go for some. But he didn't know if these mean men would oblige.

They took him up the stairs. And then into a dark room that was lit very brightly in the center by a fluorescent, flickering light.

"Sit here."

So I fed this into the AI again, and it keeps coming up with some really boring stuff, and my brain is also only boring at the moment. RIP mysterious HTTP code, we'll never really know what you meant.
2022-11-23 15:53:47