I am finding it hard to select shows to watch with my mom. We usually cook our meals fresh together. And usually we sit by the dining table but sometimes we try to watch something on TV. 

Our favorite shows were cooking shows. Chopped is our favorite. I have learnt a lot from that show and I find it fascinating how the ingredients get transformed into delicious meals. 

Lately, we tried to find something new to watch but there is too much R rated stuff or cussing for me to enjoy with my mom. I try to find movies or shows based on true stories which I noticed my mom also enjoys. This week, she started to get into watching the Apprentice UK show with me. There are times I have to pause and explain some of the things they say since it is a totally different accent. But for the most part, she gets it and finds a contestant or two that she roots for. 

I enjoy these discoveries with mom.