Fat Dan

One thing Kenny excelled at besides football, wrestling, and weightlifting was pitting me and Dan against each other. I laugh lighthearted at his tactics now after all these years but back then I craved Ken's approval wherever I could snatch it. 

Even before I lived with them Ken constantly made fun of Dan's weight. He'd point out his man-boobs or man-titties or set jokes up like, "Hey, Abe. Who has the biggest tits in your grade? [GIRLNAME]?" Even before I could finish replying Ken would laugh and blurt out, "Dan does!" 

If this was a story about someone admirable then you would expect Dan and I to team up and fight off Kenny until he stopped cracking such jokes. But I'm not that kind of person. I just joined in. I did crack a few fat jokes at Dan before moving in with him, but it wasn't this constant thing. Once I was under their roof making a fat joke became as regular as a metronome. 

Dan never cried about the fat jokes. I guess he'd gotten used to them, developed a shell to anything Kenny might say about his weight. And maybe that's why Kenny kept saying them until we were calling him 'Fat Dan' all day. Maybe Ken not stopping after realizing that it no longer hurt his little brother was a sign that he actually didn't mean to hurt Dan. Because if Kenny was cruel then he would've figured out a novel type of insult that did hurt his little brother. But usually he didn't. Usually we just made fun of Dan for being fat. And they made fun of me for being Asian.