Autumn rain

Autumn is a lovely time of the year in Melbourne. Though the temperatures are cooling, we will average 10 degrees Celsius overnight to 20 degrees Celsius during the day. A high of 25 degrees Celcius can make for a fantastic time to sit outside and soak up the sun.

Today we had rain, lots of rain. Rain is not atypical at this time of year and is always welcome to fill the water storages after the long dry summer. The precipitation is just so very relaxing, sitting back and listening to the rainfall, while the cicadas join in with their rhythmic sounds.

I also had to drive in the rain today, and it was pretty heavy. Driving the highway with other cars and trucks throws up more water, and now and then, you hit a puddle of water that throws your vehicle off-balance. As lovely as the rain is, it can be hard to drive in when it is heavy.

Our Autumn outlook will be wetter than average, particularly in the south, and the days will be warmer. When the rain comes, you celebrate, walking, dancing or even singing in the rain, as you never know in this vast, brown land when the next rain will fall.
A light to medium drizzle drive is one of my favorites. Of course I don't have the open air roadster so I never have to feel like i'm missing out on the air breezing through my hair like you will be thinking haha.
2021-03-14 02:55:38