I guess I have technically already started, but I'm going to use this space to officially start this project, because starting will involve just getting a lot of stuff out of my head and onto a page.

I technically started because I bought a domain name and a Notion page in my personal Notion workspace. There's not much in the latter, however.

### Sections

- process
- architecture
- decision making at every level
- leading teams

### Market

- people who did bootcamp 2-3 years ago
    - "now you got your job, how do you level up?"
        - leveling up
        - senior title
        - better job

### The Basic Idea

- $5000 for 12 month program
- 1x 1hr group meeting per week
- ad-hoc mentoring sessions
    - include N hours in plan, no limit on additional paid hours
    - let mentors set their rate
- ~$100/hr of live sessions (52)
- include egghead membership in plan
    - or make it a required purchase
- + books they'll have to buy
- + other non-egghead courses they'll have to buy
- run 10 person cohorts every month
- $50k/month
    - $600k/year

I also have a Notion database with some useful references.

And now I have a Logseq page for quickly getting things down.

I'm hoping for a better name to come to me before I'm ready to launch.

I'm hoping to launch with something really low-effort and low-commitment. That will probably mean running a free version of this as a alpha test. That alpha test will have to be significantly shorter than the year-long planned program. Maybe 3 months? That's essentially 12 sessions.

This doesn't scale into a SaaS. It scales in the sense that once the curriculum is written it will just require constant gardening and refinement. I could also outsource the instruction / group facilitation.

It certainly doesn't scale in the sense of economies-of-scale. There will be a logical limit to how many people I could pump through this program per year, and assuming fully booked at what I estimate to be a reasonable monthly cohort maximum, it still only qualifies as a small lifestyle business.

I'm ok with all of that.
I was actually wondering what your drive was. It's like your story about Bo. I'm intrigued because based on the little details I have I can't make sense of a story that ... well makes sense to me.

Hopefully I'll get to hear about your sustained ambition after your recent exit/sale tomorrow in our call. 

This looks cool by the way!
2021-03-14 19:53:13

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