Project Freedom - Day 3

Today was day 3 and session 2 off the affiliate marketing course, Partner with Anthony.  Today was definitely a mindset day.  The course modules were titled: 

  • Rethink Success
  • The 12 Principles to uncovering the entrepreneur in you
  • Momentum is key

Although the content covered was not necessarily new for me, it did help to refocus my mind and get prepared for what is coming.  The time, effort and commitment to totally transform the way I earn money and show up on a daily basis is going to require a complete mindset shift.  

I have had an employee mindset my entire life, although the entrepreneur in me has been knocking for a long time.

My daily mindset is so important and that's why the area of self development is so important to me.  I need to listen, read and watch motivating, inspirational and uplifting content and surround myself with those types of people (like here in the adagia community) every day to help me grow. The way we show up each day is a reflection of our thoughts, and Anthony provided that positive mindset boost for me today.  

We will start diving into more of the technical content tomorrow.  I'm excited to start experimenting and building and building from here. 

Another step closer to freedom. 

Love it! I just realized how devoid my day was of any type of positive mindset focus. I write in my gratitude journal every night, but I think I may need to add another daily streak habit...
2021-03-24 01:07:02