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38 day writing streak

A virtual meeting

A: "Did you have a good day off yesterday?"
B: "Yep! Always great to have a Monday off. What about you?"
A: "Well, I took some time yesterday to catch up on emails. I'm not Inbox Zero, but I'm virtually caught up on all my emails."
B: "That sucks you had to do...
2021-01-19 16:26:43

Audience brainstorming

I have been working on refining the definition of the audience for my newsletter Be Wellthy, and so I thought I would try to brainstorm some different audiences just for practice.

BW's list of potential audiences to serve (purely as a brainstorming exercise):Men who continue to dribble after urinating and...
2021-01-18 16:05:36

What's for dinner?

A friend of mine once suggested that the hardest question to answer on any given day is what's for dinner. 

I am writing this while standing in the kitchen after answering the question. I have a bad habit of asking what's for dinner when I'm already hungry and don't have anything...
2021-01-18 00:13:49

Why do we care how much newborn babies weigh?

I don't have kids, but I have certainly been exposed to the stages of life through family members. Every baby announcement I have seen has a minimum of two components: gender and weight.

I can understand gender. If a mother has had nine girls and the tenth baby is a boy,...
2021-01-16 15:52:52

Life Hacks
Life Hacks: Cures and Solutions

Chapter 4: Cures and SolutionsMosquito bite? Apply a hot spoon onto the spot. The heat will destroy the reaction and the itching will stop almost instantly.Candles will burn longer and drip less if they are placed in the freezer for a few hours before using.Got a headache that just won't...
2021-01-15 22:58:43

I am not the audience for pineapple

I cannot stand pineapple. I never have liked it, and when I was a kid I was forced to eat it and I vomited and that was the end of that. I can't even stand the smell of it. There are people who love pineapple and cannot understand why I...
2021-01-14 15:55:45

A new internet

No, not the one promised by the Pied Piper team on HBO's Silicon Valley.

Sir Tim Berners-Lee is a British computer scientist credited as the inventor of the internet and the World Wide Web as we know it (much to Al Gore's chagrin). He has recently announced that he is...
2021-01-13 14:43:52

30 day book-writing challenge

The other day I happened to see that James Altucher retweeted someone named Steven Farmer who was inspired to write a book as part of some #30daybookchallenge. The book is called 90/10 Fitness: How to get a great body fast, simple, and for life. I don't have a problem with...
2021-01-12 23:22:57

Firing on all cylinders

I think it is safe to say I've hit the ground running in 2021 all without any New Year's Resolutions, mind you. To use a metaphor peterdannock  will appreciate, I am firing on all cylinders.

With today's posts,...
2021-01-11 19:10:18

Old Town Road

According to this article from Pitchfork, the song Old Town Road by Lil Nas X (with an assist from Billy Ray Cyrus) is now the most-certified song in RIAA history. The RIAA is the Recording Industry Association of America, which is the trade organization that supports major music companies...
2021-01-10 15:15:36