Kitchen makeover

My wife and I have done some renovations to freshen up our aging kitchen in the past four years. We have added new benchtops, cupboard handles and appliances for a cost-effective and quick makeover.

This year, when our interior designer made a few suggestions for the kitchen, it appears to have taken us forever to settle on a design. She had suggested we refurbish the cupboard doors, add some overhead cupboards about the stove, hide the microwave oven in the pantry, and give the kitchen a lick of paint.

She invited the joiner to come and have a look, measure up and make some suggestions. A good idea was to replace some cupboard doors with drawers. I liked the idea of some deep drawers to store the pots and pans.

We did have to keep in mind that we weren't replacing the cupboards, only the doors and panels, with some limitations on what we could do. But this didn't stop us from asking for things, so settling on the kitchen design has taken weeks. The last thing to decide upon is the handles.

We have asked so many questions that I think our interior designer and the joiner are getting a little cranky. They will just need to get grumpy because we will get the kitchen makeover right, regardless of how long it takes.
How involved are you in the process? Do you care about the decorative flourishes or are you just interested in the practical updates?
2021-03-30 13:20:25
I am taking an interest in the flourishes, as I have to live with the decisions that are made. However, the final decision never rests with me.
2021-03-31 10:44:43