Going All In

A few days ago I was looking for affiliate marketing tools that I could use that were less expensive than the resources introduced in the course I'm taking.

I wrote that I found a funnel building tool that would be able to replace ClickFunnels and it existed right within the email marketing software I'm using, GetResponse. 

I also recently wrote about needing to find an inciting incident. Something that compelled me to take consistent action and follow through on my goal of leaving the 9-5 and having more freedom. 

After writing those articles, and continuing on with my course, It became clear that if I wanted to gain maximum value from the course and truly learn how to use the tools necessary for affiliate marketing long term, I would need to invest in the recommended tools.  The reason being is that the entire course focuses on those specific tools.  

I made the decision when I started Project Freedom that I don't want to dip a toe in and dabble.  I'm all in.  I have to take advantage of learning from one of the most successful teachers and mentors in the affiliate marketing world, and copy his exact processes instead of trying to re-invent my own to save a few bucks.

By spending a bit more, it also compels me to take action.  It has become more real since I put my money where my mouth is and I've found it's acting like the inciting incident I needed. 

Today I built my first funnel and went through the process of connecting my email list and tracking links.  No more hemming and hawing and trying to figure out work-arounds. As I learn the business and find alternate tools, I may switch out down the road. For now it's full steam ahead!

Brunson for the win!! Love that you're all in and I approve. 
2021-03-31 17:10:22