Winners are grinners!

In 2010, Brendon Gale, a former AFL player of the Richmond Football Club, was appointed the club's CEO. At the time of his appointment, the Richmond Football Club had not won a premiership for thirty years, its membership was only 35,000, and it had a debt of $1 million.

The Richmond Football Club had always been one of the big five Melbourne clubs in the Australian Football League (AFL), but a lack of success and seen them plummet down the ladder, and the supporter abandon the club.

On his appointment in 2010, Brendon Gale set some ambitious goals to achieve in the next ten years. He said that by 2020, the club would have won three more premierships, a membership of 75,000, and they would be debt-free.

Many critics in the media thought he was too ambitious and that there was no way Richmond would win one premiership, let alone three in the next ten years. Brendon was unperturbed, and he stuck to his guns.

His goals were looking a little shaky after a poor season in 2016. But to their credit, the board at Richmond stuck with the CEO, the coach and the players. Thye preferred to stick with their plan than to change course and reset their goals.

The rest is now history. With premierships in 2017, 2019 and 2020, and membership over 100,000, the club has paid off its debt and achieved every one of those lofty goals set out in 2010.

Winners are grinners!

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