Go Tigers!

I am trying to multi-task at the moment. I am watching football on the television whilst trying to write. My team, the Richmond Tigers, are playing the Port Adelaide Power in Adelaide, and the Power is leading in the second quarter. They appear to be getting on top of the game, and I am a little nervous that Port Adelaide will soon run away with the game.

Richmond is defending bravely, but they are turning the ball over too much. It feels a lot like last week's game when the Sydney Swans ran all over Richmond and won by a considerable margin. The Tigers are hanging in there, but only just.

Thank God it is now half-time. I can now stop yelling at the television and calm myself down. Richmond is being crucified by the umpires, giving Port Adelaide twice as many free-kicks as Richmond. The only thing that is keeping Richmond in the game is Port Adelaide's poor kicking for goal.

The last time these two teams played, Richmond came from behind to win by seven points. I hope Richmond can get their act together and win this game. I feel a little nervous, and I am not sure I can sit through another tense half of football, as I did in the first half.

Four minutes to play in the last quarter, and Port Adelaide are up by four points. This game could go either way, as there is plenty of time left to score.

It's all over, and Port Adelaide have won by two points. They may feel some redemption after losing to Richmond in last year's preliminary final, but it is early in the season. There is always next week, and Richmond will need to play hard if they are going to beat the St Kilda Saints.

Eat 'em alive, Tigers.

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