Absent movie memories

I have recently written about some of my favourite memorable movies, but there are some movies that I don't have any memories of because I have never seen them. For example, I have never seen any of the Star Wars, Lord of the Rings, or Raiders of the Lost Ark movies.

When the conversation topic turns to a movie of this ilk, I have to plead ignorance or change the subject because I have nothing to add to the conversation. I have seen snippets from these movies, and I know many of the main characters, but I don't know anything about the underlying plot or storyline.

I am partial to any good Australian movie, and I will sit through an interesting UK or European film, even if it has sub-titles. If moviemakers could harness what makes people like a movie, they would bottle it and repeat it. Hang on a moment. Disney is already doing this in the Marvel films.

I am often proud that I can say, "I have never seen a Star Wars movie". I think it puts me in the minority. I am unlikely to change my ways now, so those films will need to be filed under "absent movie memories".

Memorable movies