When the gangs take over the highways....

Tom Hardy played the part of Max Rockatansky in the 2015 film Fury Road, a reboot of the Mad Max movies from director George Miller. Although Fury Road was the highest-grossing of the four Mad Max films, it is not my favourite. With a budget of only $400,000, it earned more than US$100 million worldwide in gross revenue and held the Guinness record for the most profitable film.

The original film in the series was the best. Titled 'Mad Max', it starred Mel Gibson as Max, in a breakthrough role as the leather-clad post-apocalyptic survivor. This film helped to make Mel an international star.

In a near-future dystopian Australia, motorcycle gangs ruled the highways and needed the Main Force Patrol (MFP) to control the unruly mob. Max Rockatansky was the best officer on the force but reached breaking point when the gang burn Max's partner Goose alive inside a borrowed ute. Convinced to take a break with his family, a chain of events leads to the motorcycle gang killing Max's wife and child.

Overwhelmed with grief and rage, he steals the MFP Pursuit Special ("the last of the V8 Interceptors") and systematically pursues and kills each gang member responsible. After hunting down the final gang member Johnny the Boy and leaving him for dead, Max drives out into the wasteland, a perfect prequel to the next movie instalment, Mad Max 2.

"When the gangs take over the highways, remember his on your side."

A great example of the original is often the best.
I've seen Fury Road, but I don't think I've seen the original Mad Max. I'll have to give it a viewing.
2021-04-07 13:43:43
I think you should, it is very different.
2021-04-08 05:57:55

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