Thinking about Freedom. 

Freedom is responsibility. When you're not optimizing for freedom people make decisions for you. Schools set the curriculum and timetable for you. Groups dictate or call the shots on how you'd spend your day/month/year.

But when you're optimizing for freedom, or you've got time on your hands. All those decisions become yours to make. And if you're not careful, it could feel overwhelming. Nobody is making any decision for you, nobody is laying out any plan for you to follow. If anyone isn't able to bear with that responsibility then the fellow is not ready for freedom. And there's nothing wrong with that anyway if you're in the right hands.

The responsibility that comes with freedom somehow outweighs the burden of control that comes with a planned or structured life.

I think what freedom requires few things. 

1. A clear understanding of one's ethics
2. An acceptance of #1 
3. The resources* to be able to live a life according to #1

*resources can mean anything --> time, money, even mental health and family's expectations of themselves.

I think a lot of people get fixated on their limitations of freedom due to #3 when actually #1 and #2 is what they have most control over.
2021-01-02 16:43:32