A lap of Winton Raceway

For the short track, a lap of Winton Raceway starts at the old start/finish line, adjacent to the control tower. 

It is a short sprint to turn one, where you downshift to third gear and throw the car into the right-hander. The outer edge of the road has been extended out, so you can throw your car a little harder into the corner. The only issue is that a ripple strip has been added, giving the car a good shake as you drive over it.

At turn two, you stay in third gear, steady the car with a dab on the brakes and throw it hard into the corner. Accelerating out of the corner, you change up to fourth gear before the left, right combination at turn three and four. Known as the kink, it is a tricky part of the track, as if you go too fast, you get out of shape quickly, and you can find yourself spinning or running off the track—something I have done regularly.

Braking hard and changing back to second gear, turns five, six and seven make up the cleavage, a tight set of corners, right, left, then right again, that creates plenty of wheel spin and oversteer. After exiting the cleavage, you are on a short straight, changing up to third, then fourth gear, before braking hard and shifting back down to third gear as you turn into the esses.

Turns eight, nine and ten make up the esses, which is another right, left, then right combination of turns that are not as tight as the cleavage. If you get the lines right, it is a nice flowing set of corners that bring you back onto the short main straight.

Accelerating hard up the hill, you shift up to fourth gear and pass the start/finish line again. You have just completed a lap of the short track at Winton Raceway in a minute and fifteen seconds. Don't stop now, as there are plenty more laps to go. Enjoy!

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