For many years I was fortunate to have a car park in my city office and drive to the office. Parking in the basement, I could take the lift from the basement up to the office. The convenience was great, not to mention the status of a car park at the office exuded. Though for every upside, there's a downside, and for me, it was the ever-increasing time spent in traffic. It was not uncommon to spend a lot of my driving time travelling at less than 20 kilometres an hour.

The days of parking in a basement car park for work are long gone, especially one paid for by the boss. I am a car guy, so I will prefer to drive to work in preference to the train. I like the convenience that it provides me, and I don't have to worry if the trains are running late.

My driving route to the office takes me on a few toll roads, including a tolled tunnel. It is the fastest and less congested route I can find. The disadvantage of driving this route is the cost. When I add up the cost of petrol, tolls and the car park at the office, it is three times the cost of a return trip on the train. Ouch!

The cost of driving to work on the current route is becoming unsustainable, however, I will continue driving to work—irrespective of the cost.
In this day and age, why not balance out those commute costs with a little work from home?
2021-04-21 23:08:19
I have a boss that doesn't want his staff working from home, now that COVID is less of an issue.
2021-04-22 10:00:10
lol @Abe's comment. He's right, this isn't a complaint at all, Pete's reveling in the opportunity to rev that lil Miata at any occasion. 
2021-04-22 22:03:19

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