Password manager

It is not uncommon for many people today to have over 100 online accounts associated with their email address. It is not easy to keep track of so many accounts without falling into the trap of poor password etiquette.

This poor etiquette can include the use of passwords that are too short and too simple, repeat use of the same password, failure to change your password regularly and writing your password down on a post-it note before sticking it to your monitor.

Your password is the key to securing your account, so use unique and strong passwords for each account, with a combination of lowercase and uppercase letters, numbers and symbols. I have found that enabling two-factor authentication to access my online accounts is invaluable for securing them. It checks with me to ensure that I am the person accessing my account.

I have been using a password manager for all my online accounts and passwords. A password manager can securely store your account details and passwords, help you generate strong passwords, and allow you to access your account details and passwords securely from any device.

So the message is, take good care of your passwords, get yourself a password manager.
100% agree! I use a password manager for my personal accounts. I wish I could use it for work, but I have a multiple-client problem.
2021-05-14 12:26:38