Touch typing

I regret the fact that I am not a touch typist. When I was at school, only the girls would be taught to touch type, as they were often encouraged to take on secretarial roles. Things have certainly changed, and with the prevalence of computers, touch typing is a skill that everyone should have.

My wife is one person who did learn touch typing at school. I envy her ability to type without looking at her keyboard and to type so quickly and accurately. On the other hand, I am a terrible typist, often misspelling words and making mistakes in every sentence.

There are many words that my fingers cannot seem to type right. I often spell use as sue, from as form, or to as ot. I have to reread everything I write to ensure it is spelt correctly and that I haven't misused a word. In the previous sentence alone, I have had to correct at least four words.

Learning touch typing and keyboard skills when you are young is now essential. I have been hammering at a keyboard for thirty years now. You might have thought I would have taken the time to learn touch typing, but I haven't.
Interesting the things we do and don't learn as kids. I was fortunate enough to learn typing, and the only keys I don't have fully memorized are the symbols. Do you want to learn touch typing or are you happy with things as-is? I won't allow the excuse that you can't teach an old dog new tricks...
2021-05-18 13:03:58
Funny, I thought about titling the piece "old dog, new tricks" but thought better of it. I survive with how things are now, but touch typing would be a handy skill to have.
2021-05-19 11:23:10