Leave entitlement

My current work project has me focused on the leave entitlements of shift workers and the complexity in calculating leave for a workforce that is paid from timesheets. It has made me appreciative of the leave entitlements Australian workers receive.

Australians have very generous leave provisions, thanks to the National Employment Standards (NES). Most full-time and part-time workers will get up to four weeks of annual leave and two weeks of sick or personal leave. Along with around twelve Public Holidays, Australian workers could expect to get up to forty-two days of leave per year.

A new provision in the NES gives family and domestic violence leave, which provides leave for someone who needs to deal with the impact of family and domestic violence, and it's impractical to do so outside their ordinary hours of work. This is an essential new leave provision to support primarily women in crisis.

Employees are also entitled to take long service leave if they stay in the job for an extended period. Once an employee has remained with an employer for seven years, they will be entitled to get six weeks of long service leave. That's a nice little bonus for being loyal to your employer.

No wonder Australians are considered laid back and relaxed. We are always on leave.