Introduction & Chapter 1

Pg. 3 "Nutrition is not the same as food science. Nutrition is what happens to food between the mouth and the cell. Food science is what happens to food between the ground and the mouth. Each is depending on the other, yet both are "opaque" to the public. That's on purpose--because the food industry and the government don't want you to know that it's the food processing that's rendered the current concepts of nutrition moot."

Pg. 3 "Essentially, all you need to know are two precepts, six words total: 1) protect the liver, 2) feed the gut. Those foods that satisfy both precepts are healthy; those that do neither are poison, and those that do one or the other are bad (but less bad)--no matter what the USDA and FDA allow to be stated on the package."

Pg. 17 "In 1976, diabetes was rare; only 5 percent of people in the US over age sixty-five had it, and the prevalence in the general population was 2.5 percent. In 2000, it was estimated that there were 151 million diabetics walking the planet, and the prediction was, by 2010, there would be 221 million, for an amortized inflation rate of 3.88 percent. That's not what we saw--in fact, there were 285 million, for an amortized inflation rate of 6.55 percent--double what was predicted. By 2014 there were 422 million diabetics. In 2019, there were 463 million."

What will it take to get our attention that we are slowly killing ourselves with what we eat?

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