Beer; Coffee

I remember us taking so many walks. And I remember us drinking so much beer. Today I wouldn't even drink more than once a week. Back then I remember the sun setting on many Tuesdays and Wednesdays where I'd begin wondering whether you'd want to go for a beer. Don't have the actual data but I remember you almost always saying yes. In fact I can't even remember a time when you said no to the beer. You'd only say no if you had something else going on. 

I never questioned whether you didn't want a beer. Whether you were just saying yes to hang out together. Looking back now I wonder why we liked grabbing so much beer. We weren't -- aren't -- rational. People do things following a system often misaligned with what we like to prescribe as ideal behavior. 

I remember us walking for an hour or sometimes even two. Strolling and chatting in circles around our neighborhood. Sometimes when we'd go to a bar only three miles away we'd still drive.

I remember us always so excited to grab coffee and meet in the afternoon. Or talk about meeting other people with coffee. So much coffee. I think if anything we were a cohort of kids meeting over coffees and beers. I guess things don't change too much.

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