Student Exchange

A student exchange program can offer a unique experience of living and studying in another country, enabling young people to develop skills and awareness of other cultures. Students are placed with a host family and attend a local school, becoming immersed in the family and the local community.

After studying Italian at school, my oldest daughter wanted to do a student exchange in Italy. When she was sixteen, she had six months in Naples, living with a local family and enjoying the culture while advancing her Italian language. Irrespective of some bouts of homesickness, she had a wonderful time.

My family has also hosted students from Italy on two occasions. It suited my girls for our family to host an exchange student when they were seventeen years of age. Sharing the experience with a host sister of the same age made the experience more worthwhile. It has also been an enriching experience for my wife and me as host parents.

My girls have kept in touch with their host sisters. Both have been fortunate enough to travel to their host sisters country and experience their lifestyle. They have become close friends, and I am sure that these friendships will endure for a long time to come.