A friend for Louie

Ever since we got our new puppy, Louie the Groodle, my girls have been at me to get another puppy as a companion for Louie. 

My girls feel that Louie needs a companion to keep him from getting lonely. With someone in the family always working from home due to the pandemic, I am unsure that rationale holds up. If anything, he has been spoiled since he joined the family by having people around him all the time.

While sitting around the dinner table recently, I suggested to the girls that perhaps we could get a new puppy. They were shocked but happy that I had given into their relentless pressure. It was agreed that we didn't want another dog as big as Louie. He is a bit of a boofa and can be pretty heavy if he wants to sit on top of you on the couch. We thought we should speak with Louie's breeder and see if we could get a miniature Groodle.

Groodles of any size don't come cheap. They have become very popular during the pandemic and can command a price of over $5,000. We were fortunate to get Louie at no cost as he is a breeding dog, but we will have to fork out good money for our next puppy.

Time to save some money, if we want to get a friend for Louie.

Different type of companionship. Dog <-> Human vs Dog <-> Dog

Although there were two dogs that lived together I used to petsit that frustratingly never played with each other. They only knew how to interact with other humans. So when there was nobody around they were left bored.
2021-06-06 14:00:12