Donation streak

When my daughters were little, my wife and I decided to encourage them to think about other children in need by setting up a child sponsorship with World Vision.

World Vision Australia was established in 1966 and has since grown to become Australia's largest international non-government organisation. Their primary focus is the well-being of children, and the child sponsorship programs provide it with its most significant source of funding. Sponsorship links the donor to a specific child or children overseas, and the sponsor makes a long-term commitment to contribute monthly amounts.

My girls enjoyed receiving the information about their sponsored child and would send birthday and Christmas cards regularly. Their interest has waned as they have grown older, but we maintain our monthly sponsorship to this day. Our motive for starting the World Vision donation was altruistic but is now being maintained out of habit and our capacity to afford it.

It must be hard for charitable organisations to maintain donors over the long term. World Vision has always had a strong premise for its work and has kept us a long time. I want to think of it as our donation streak, now in its fifteen years of monthly donations.