Many modern cars now come with a space-saver spare wheel, which is smaller than the regular wheel. The main reason for this is that the space-saver spare takes up less space, obviously, and is lighter than a standard wheel and tire.

Some vehicles don't even come with a space-saver spare. My roadster is now one of the modern cars that don't have a spare wheel at all. Instead, Mazda equips the car with a tyre repair kit, which is practically useless in fixing a tyre punctured by a nail. I can understand why Mazda might do this with its best-selling roadster. It helps to keep the car's weight down, and more practically, there is nowhere to put a spare in such a small vehicle.

If possible, you should prefer to have a space saver wheel instead of a tyre repair kit. This is because a space-saver spare will enable you to get to your destination if your car suffers a puncture, and that's better than the risk of your car having to be towed to a garage to get a new tyre if its tyre repair kit is insufficient.

There is little I can do about having a spare for the MX-5. To date, I am yet to be stranded with a puncture, but I have made sure I have roadside assistance ready to rescue me should I get a flat tyre in the future.

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