Aussie NASCARs

Supercars is considered the premium motorsport category in Australia. Its heritage dates back to the early sixties when famous drivers like Bob Jane and Norm Beechey would drive production cars off the showroom floor and onto the track to race. If they won on Sunday, the dealers could sell on Monday, the ultimate test of the reliability of their cars.

Over the years, many legendary drivers were born, and the car manufacturers would make unique models for racing, but you could still purchase those models to drive on the road. It was touring car racing at its best.

To help keep the cost down, the rules have been changed in recent years to give all competitors standard components, such as chassis, suspension, and brakes. Even the engines have some rigid rules, as it must be a V8 engine of 5.0 litres capacity. The only different thing is the body that can be put over the chassis.

With the demise of local car manufacturing in Australia, next year's Supercars will be represented by overseas models, like the Ford Mustang and Chevrolet Camaro. Unfortunately, these race cars resemble nothing of the early touring cars that the category was built on. Instead, Supercars has become Australis' version of NASCAR, and I don't like it.

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