That first time when I saw the Ocean

I think I love the ocean more than the sea. I remember the first time when I saw the ocean. I was visiting a friend in Porto, a city on the coast of the Atlantic Ocean in Portugal. It was summertime and it was insanely hot. I remember taking the public bus, and it was almost empty, the entire city was almost empty. Maybe I was too used to the busy Paris, but to me, it felt like everyone just left. I soon realized it's just like that over there, more relaxed, more space. That day it was insanely hot and the bus seemed to take forever. As I was approaching the coast, the bus entered into a cloud of fog. It was so dense, I could see it move in waves. All of a sudden it felt fresher. The temperature dropped a few degrees. I arrived finally at the last stop and looked around me. Everyone was acting normal as if nothing had happened. I was mindblown, It felt as a cloud just dropped onto the coast. as I was approaching the beach, the fog got denser and denser, I found a nice spot on some rocks near the shore, I could barely see 20m before me, but I was hearing the waves crushing. An insane noise, humming, and almost exploding sound. That was my first encounter with the Atlantic Ocean. I could feel this enormous body of water that stretched to America. It was the moment when I realized that the ocean comes with its weather somehow, it impacts everyone living on the coast, in subtle ways.