"The consciousness of self is the greatest hindrance to the proper execution of all physical action" - Bruce Lee

Bruce was training daily at high intensity. I read about his training routine, and it's insane; a combo of fractionated cardio exercises, isometric - keeping the muscle in tension for as long as possible, weightlifting, kicking, punching, etc.

Yesterday's training thought me something: I can go past my limit. I did fractionate cardio for about 30 min on a 6-9% slope. I intend to increase my VO2 max - for better cycling performance. I was with a friend, Seb, who's done an iron-man triathlon, and a few marathons. "Let's get fucked up - that's what he said when he saw the slope" And that's exactly what we did. My heart peaked at 190bpm's I sweated as if I walked out of the shower. Insane training session - at least that's what I think, but I know that performance training requires a salvage determination.