Journal Entry

       Sean began to shiver as he sat alone on his old family couch. He pulled a blanket over himself as he flipped through his old journal from when he was 10 years old. He remembered that he was chosen to represent his school in the young author’s competition, yet none of his stories were all that interesting to read. Most of them were just a list of what he had accomplished during the day. Such as playing basketball at Bryan Applin’s house, finishing his French homework, and most importantly begging his dad to buy him a dog. And when he finally got that dog, Colby,  the journal entries discussed all the adventures he and Colby had. The trips through the forests, the times he chased Colby across town. Even the time he, Katie Nels, and Colby all piled into a sled and zoomed down that huge hill at Munson park. He never really discussed his thoughts or emotions in these entries yet all those feelings came flooding back as he went through these various lists of events from his past. There were boxes and boxes of these entries from the age of 8 all the way until 16. Then the entries just stopped. A reminder of the many hobbies and interests that enter and fade throughout ones life. 
       Sean picked up a journal from 9th grade. He most have been 15 at that point in his life. The entries were a little different from when he was younger, a little more complex and colorful. Instead of dogs and sports, he talked more about girls, various fantasies, and dreams and ambitions he hoped to achieve. Sean flipped to some random day in October. He was back in high school again. It was a Friday night and he was in the bleachers standing on the furthest, highest bench supporting the Fairview High school team. Katie was there by his side nibbling on a weed brownie her old brother taught them how to bake last weekend. The weed was beginning to set in as Sean’s interest switched from the game onto the cheer leaders. Specifically Becca March, her sleek blonde hair swooshing around as she was tossed through the air. 2 days prior she had invited Sean to Panera this coming weekend to help her with physics. His fantasies of Becca ended around then because he was rudely interrupted by Trevor who needed Katie and Sean to go with him to Travis’s house to pick up some vodka. Trevor was the only one of them who had a car. He wasn’t even 16 yet but always drove around in his sisters car without a care in the world.
       Sean set the journal down on the coffee table as he made his way toward the bathroom. As he peed he reminisced about his past. About Katie and Becca and school, and Trevor… but then his mind went blank. “Wait”, Sean thought to himself. Who the hell was Trevor?