I wonder

I wonder what everyone’s thoughts are and how they differ from mine.
I wonder if there are intersections in our worries and joys.

I wonder if we think of the same or different things right when we go to bed and just when we wake up. I wonder how similar and different we all are.

I wish we could talk about these more.
Maybe if we do life wouldn't feel so individualistic. 
Our worries, Our Joys - I know for certain there are intersections
2021-09-05 20:24:18
 I believe so too but I wish these intersections could be something we can talk about more.
2021-09-06 09:50:48
Let's talk Sheila. I think some of the best posts here are the ones where people are raw and vulnerable. Those topics are mostly the same for us all. 
2021-09-06 21:14:39