Online Recommendations

If we achieve full online privacy, won't online recommendations suffer? That is, we may not get accurate recommendations of things to buy or friends to connect with.

Come to think of it, do we really need tech to suggest things to buy and new friends to make? To be honest, I don't need Facebook to suggest to me Mr XYZ as a friend because we chatted on WhatsApp yesterday or we were in the same amusement park all through yesterday.

The whole online recommendation industry feeds capitalist greed more than it benefits you. Why do I think Sasha who found the love of her life on Tinder might disagree to that statement? I'd stand by it anyway.

It all brings me back to point that, not all problems need solving.

Jeff and Zuck left the chat Room.

In all honesty, the trade-offs aren't worth it. Or perhaps we should have different blocs on the web. Those who are willing to trade their data in exchange for serendipitous connections and shopping items and those who don't need it.
I think that our online experiences should be gated. As in if i'm on StackOverflow I don't mind recommendations about jobs in tech and courses in tech. But don't show me jobs in some other sector.

I think what went left with the internet is that the dominant platforms didn't provide enough gates/scopes. A thing like Facebook came into play and we just decided to copy and paste our life onto there. I find that scoped/gated internet places are still good and thriving.

And yes I think Twitter suffered this same fate as well. Too little scoping. Too much of people's lives crammed into one space.
2021-01-14 17:14:18
BTW that Twitter prediction has nothing to do with me trying to predict the direction of the world and just merely my recent sentiments on it. For the past month or two I've actually been less and less dopamine'd by going on there
2021-01-14 18:38:31