Going on

Greece - Sweden, 2-1. Ha, fuckin Swedes suck. They keep showing up but play like molasses, no flair or imagination and ultimately boring and disappointing. Like Ikea furniture. Imagine the Greeks scoring more goals than you. They come bearing gifts indeed.

Spain - Kosovo, 2-0. Only? Weak. Probably too much Sangria the day before. Italy - Lithuania, 5-0. Ha, they got pumped. Nothing unexpected there, especially after the way they played at the Euros. Belgium - Belarus, 1-0, only? Pretty weak. Wales - Estonia, 0-0. Terrible for Wales. Garbage result. Albania - San Marino, 5 - 0. Everyone gets a shot at the whipping boys.

Hungary - Andorra, 2-1. Weak for Hungary. Poland - England, 1 - 1, and the terrible run continues, it's never coming home you daft wankers. Armenia - Lichtenstein, 1-1, shit teams, but hilarious and amazing that Lichtenstein didn't lose. Germany - Ireland, 4-0, auf wiedersehen paddies. What else did they expect? Romania - North Macedonia, 0-0. Shit teams, shit result. 

That was Wednesday. 
haha, glad to know you're a football fan.

I've been a Man United fan since early 00', so you can imagine my excited today as CR7 scored two goals for my club ;)
2021-09-11 20:52:07
I've been an avid Manchester United hater most of my life so you can imagine I had no idea this happened until you told me, lol :D

At the same time I just don't care anymore, like a football team/club is not worth the emotional effort, so I'm happy to see a good match and that's it. 
2021-09-11 22:49:34