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Gabriel's Pantry
🥚 5 Eggs
🍓 10 Strawberries
🥓 8 Bacons
🍣 8 Sushis
☕️ 11 Coffees
🍺 11 Beers
🍍 7 Pineapples
🧇 12 Waffles
🍪 7 Cookies
🥟 13 Dumplings
🍊 11 Tangerines
🍫 11 Chocolate Bars
🥃 5 Whiskeys
🍵 8 Teas
🥩 9 Steaks
Short Stories


"Your now closing in on a month"
Is this a joke? Am I being whooshed here? 

2024-02-25 01:55:19

Gettin Jjigae with it as reply to korean soup

He continued to stare into the bubbling concoction while the steam rose and with it a sharp and slightly sour odor. There was something green floating on top, and inside the rosy broth he saw the edges of cooked meat. He swallowed involuntarily and picked up his spoon. Stirring he...
2024-02-23 04:01:12


When I travel, I can't write.
When I'm too tired, I can't write.
When I'm not inspired, I can't write.
When I'm too busy at work, I can't write.
When I don't have an audience, I can't write.
When I'm not reading anything good, I can't write.
When I don't have an...
2024-01-09 11:55:22

Doug Wrap as reply to Doug 24 - 17.5 inch biceps

This is a good time to recap what's happening to everyone in Doug's story so far. It's easy to lose track when you have more characters than a Dostoyevsky novel.

There's Charlie and Charlie is dead. This much is certain. There are serious questions about whether it was suicide or not....
2024-01-09 11:12:17

Doug 20 - Anticipation as reply to Doug 19: Library Ver 2

On his way to the library, with the first rays of the sun already well above the horizon, Godot imagined himself a tourist. The light this early in the morning made everything new. Instead of looking ahead and at nothing in particular, he felt the need to look up at...
2023-08-17 21:26:54

Doug 17 - The Crow as reply to Doug 16 - rumor

It was Doug's turn to call Godot, whom, especially when nobody was waiting for him, wasn't really called Godot anyway. It was already half past one and for reasons known only to himself, Doug was not in the mood to call. He'd had an interview earlier in the day for...
2023-08-15 12:24:57

Doug 15 - Ned O'Reilly as reply to Doug 14: out loud

The new detective had taken over from the guy who'd fucked it up the first time around. That almost never happened but the initial reports may as well have said, "we're in the wrong profession, we should be out there selling hot dogs." It was bad enough that they took...
2023-08-11 07:01:35

Doug 12: The Plot Thickens as reply to Doug 11: The Story

Doug was still unemployed, still smoking, and still in a state of denial about Charlie's death -suicide. Yes, suicide, he killed himself and left no note. He kept pondering that. Did Mrs. Laskin lie? Grief stricken and lucid enough to lie about something like that? Why? It made no sense,...
2023-08-09 22:13:36

Doug 8 as reply to Doug 7 - Doug's Semen

He buttered her up so good she had wanted more, and a quasi-relationship ensued. Truth is she was a bit nutty and funny like Charlie was. Once she had come over with a plant. Some kind of Ivy. 
"It's just a plant, thought you'd like it here. You don't have...
2023-08-05 08:07:24

Doug 6 as reply to Doug 5

"Oh, yeah?" 
"It's kind of fucked up."
"I like the sound of that."
"I thought you would. Listen, did I ever tell you about Charlie? Guy I used to work with?"
"Nah, don't think so. Anything particular?"
"He was alright, kind of a funny guy. Like Joe Pesci in Goodfellas. You know, made you...
2023-08-04 15:06:32