Online Dating

So, I’m a little bit drunk, which means self-reflecting works better than when I’m not drunk. I did a paramedic shift today (7 am to 7 pm). One paramedic colleague has an engagement ring, but I didn’t specifically ask for it), another one was coupled with a coworker via another paramedic colleague.

Anyways, somehow my heart is a little bit more broken than on other days (or is it a hole I can’t fill? Whatever.) and I’m willing to try online dating again.

I was thinking about it a few days back, so in between missions I downloaded OkCupid. In contrast to Tinder, they promise to display match ideas based on “scientific methods”. Basically, you answer a bunch of questions and the more you answer the better your profile is defined. It’s also great we made some uniform pictures today, who can withstand a smart paramedic?

I’m sorry, my brain suddenly stopped thinking. Let me take a minute to gather my thoughts again….

Interestingly (?) many “girls” aren’t around me but more than 100 kilometres away. I don’t have a problem with driving, but I think more than 100 kilometres would be way too much to even try. “Our” lives would just be lived too far apart.

Also, I think I’ve got a new neighbour in the small Apartment on the side of mine. I think I found her on Instagram and Facebook (based on the name written on the mailbox. I also made a few leaps through the door peephole and almost drove her over recently (headphones, while an electric car is approaching, isn’t a good combination). I think she’s cute and what does it cost to ask? Maybe I should just ring her door and ask for something? But for what?

My brain is just thinking about so many different scenarios that could happen but I don’t have the courage to do it. I hate myself for not using such a simple opportunity.
Such an easy task, such a little risk (what could be the worst that could happen? Not more than a simple "No"). But still, way too much power I've got.
Is your town filled with mostly older people then? Why are there not that many your age on OkCupid? lol
2021-10-10 23:03:14
Well, I found out I used the wrong Hartberg. The App was showing me 4 different once and I took the first one.
After I fixed it I get recommendations in a radius of about 50 to 100 kilometres.
However, all dating apps aren't used much here as it is a more rural area. The city I'm in has about 7000 people in it :)
2021-10-11 15:52:49
guess how populous my hometown is
2021-10-12 00:32:39
Well, then maybe the people in your area are younger perhaps? I think besides larger cities here in Austria Online Dating is pretty much dead.
2021-10-13 05:59:59