The Neighbour

So, I’m still drunk and it's only a few minutes after I’ve written the last post about online dating. Also, I won't publish it until tomorrow. I opened another beer bottle and my brain came up with a crazy idea:

What if I wrote a paper letter and put it into her mailbox? I know it sounds absurd and it probably is a really strange idea. I also feel like it could be a little bit creepy. But would it be easier? I don’t know.

As long as I’m drunk, it sounds like a great idea and I’ve almost got enough courage to do it, but the still straight thinking part of my brain says no. It feels almost like I’m split in half.

Also, I’m thinking about telling a female coworker. I think I’ve got a pretty good relationship with her and maybe I could ask her about how crazy I’m or my idea is. I also sent the online dating article to a good friend of mine (and also a coworker). I don’t think he will respond until tomorrow.

I will let the thought sit for now and enjoy the rest of Liam Nesson in “A walk among the Tombstones” which is playing since before I started writing the last and this post. Did I mention self-reflecting works better drunk?
For the kind of person I jive well with longterm, forcing such bold explicit actions is not the way to go. That's the kind of things that a person like me gets attracted by but my gf of nearly nine years now told me one of the things she liked best about me was that I didn't force a relationship.
2021-10-10 23:04:43
I understand your point and I definitely don't want to write something along "Hello neighbour, how about a date?" :)

But getting more experience in talking to girls (I'm interested in) wouldn't be bad for me.
2021-10-11 15:54:55
That would probably mean to wait behind my door and jump scare her for it. Somehow we didn’t manage to run into each other yet. :)
2021-10-12 03:57:47