I have started to walk a lot more lately. I feel like I have more energy and enthusiasm. It has been a while since I felt weak or tired. If anything, my family wonders if I am over caffeinated. But I don't do coffee.

While this surge in energy and addiction to being active is a sign of health, it is creating a havoc with my sugars. The one positive thing about not being active before was the predictability of what my sugars are. Less variables. Just the food I ate was what I needed to regulate and everything else was constant. But now, I find that I am swinging from a high to a low a few times a day. 

It is hard to make a choice about what is better. I don't want to stop walking. I feel that I am addicted at this point and look forward to my walking and listening to my audiobooks. I know exercise is necessary and walking is as low key as it gets. But I need to find a solution to the reaction my body is going through.