A long day in the saddle

Today was a long day in the saddle. I woke up super early and rode 100 km. It was not too fast, my average was 22km/h, but it took a long time. I was riding with a group that was not too experienced, so we spread out quite a bit and our group had to stop and wait for the rest of the pack to catch up. I was cold and tired from waiting half of the ride. Then me and 5 others decided to split up and go for a longer, more intense ride and off we went. I think we rode for about 40 minutes and then stopped for another 30min, to eat. After that we took off and really went hard. Then 2 others quit because they could not keep up. Too bad. I attacked the first hill, but since there were only 4 of us left and I see the other 3 lost somewhere in the back, I tell myself that maybe it's not so good to just sprint away, so I slow down a bit. But then as I look over my shoulder, I see one of them coming up after me. So I let him pass me and start chasing him. Of course it ended up in a sort of mad race while the two others were basically dying on that hill. We had about a 7 minute lead when we got to the top. So today's ride was kind of ridiculous, but fun.
Tomorrow at 9 in the morning I'm going for another one. I have a friend who just fixed his bike after a 6 month break. I have prepared a nice route for him, something really special. about 700m uphill and 50km. It's going to be a blast, I can't wait for it!