forget love

It's out of my hands. A force greater than me pushes me to go, to turn away from you and walk my own path. I've done my part; I played my role in this circus. Goodbye. And this is how it ended, nothing more, nothing less to what good all this headache. And the world kept on moving, and that was it.

Nobody cried in the end. It was just tears of joy. Took a photo of his happy face, #neveragain posted it on Instagram, turned off his phone while looking around as if something was about to happen at that precise moment. It was a Sunday afternoon; he was alone in the parking lot behind his block; the wind was blowing mildly, moving a mass of hot air rising from the asphalt.

All this wasted time...All these shattered dreams. Never again and yet he knew, love is a beast that devours you from the inside out; by the time you notice it, it's too late. It was too late to think about what it could've been. It was done now. Walking towards his car on that burning asphalt felt like walking through hell. Bip bip opens the door, jumps in, ignites the engine, puts the AC to 100% cold, and drives away.

I'm going for a ride if anyone asks, but nobody asks anything anymore now so, I can just go wherever I want for as long as I want. She was a drag. Why the fuck it took so long? I can't understand what I was holding on for. Last time I think about this.

He reached out for the phone, the sucker slid out of his pocket and fell under the seat. He leans down to reach for it while driving with one hand, trying to keep straight. He swears: FUCK! He gets back up, pushes the brake all the way down, scrssssssht. FUCK!, and nicely parks the car on the side.

He gets his phone, syncs BlueTooth calmly with his audio system, looks for his fav techno playlist in Spotify, and hits play. GOOD! Cranks up the volume to max and leaves with a burnout, disappearing somewhere towards nowhere at the line of the horizon.