Staying on track

When the Zoom Zoom club goes out for a drive, it has been customary to provide participants with printed run notes outlining the route to follow, the rest stops and the destination point. Members have always found it helpful to have them just in case they get separated from the leading group and need to find their way to the end of the drive.

Paper run notes work well if you have a navigator who can read them and direct the driver, but they are difficult to use if you a driving solo. It would be much easier if the run organiser provided navigation notes in an electronic form that could be displayed to the driver whilst they drive.

And that is what the Zoom Zoom club is now doing. For each run, a GPX navigation file is created for driver's to load up on their phone, from which they can display the intended route. If they have Apple CarPlay or Android Auto, they may show the route and map on their car entertainment system.

I quite often lead a club run, so I need to know where we are going. If I get lost, then everyone gets lost. As I usually drive on club runs solo, having the navigation file displayed on my car entertainment system means navigating without getting off track.

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