Club motorsport at its best

The Motorsport Captain has just released the schedule for next year's Zoom Zoom Championship. After missing half this year's Championship due to COVID-19, it is exciting to see that we will have an event every month next year to make up for lost events.

Most events will be at our favourite tracks, Phillip Island Grand Prix Circuit, Winton Raceway and Sandown Raceway. Though I have frequented these tracks regularly in recent years, I never get tired of driving them. As we don't have enough cars to run a track day ourselves, we will partner with the Alfa Romeo Owners Club on these track days.

This is club motorsport at its best. There is a strong camaraderie between the track day competitors. Though we are all fighting for a championship trophy, we also have a bit of fun. If someone has an issue with their car on a track day, there are plenty of people who will step up to help.

The Mazda MX-5 is also the most popular car used in club motorsport. The beautifully balanced, nimble and very forgiving sports car has built a reputation as a car that any driver can pick up and handle easily. It can teach you a lot about track driving and racecraft, and yet you could spend a lifetime trying to master it, no matter your level of experience or talent.

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