A new team for Formula 1

I am a motorsport fan, so I am interested in the motorsport news. The exciting news from Europe is that Audi or Porsche could enter Formula One – the pinnacle of motorsport in 2026.

The German brand, Audi, or its affiliate Porsche has preliminary plans to enter the category but is still awaiting final approval from its parent company, the Volkswagen Group. It's unclear if the Volkswagen Group will buy an existing team or build its own car and team from scratch.

While Porsche operated a factory Formula One team between 1957 and 1962 – and later built engines for McLaren – Audi has not competed in F1 in the post-war era. 

However, Audi has a long history in endurance racing, and its predecessor Auto Union was dominant in pre-war Grand Prix racing. The W16 1934 Auto Union Type A is widely regarded as the first race car to employ a rear-engine layout successfully. While the design was not replicated again widely until the late 1950s by Cooper, it has since become ubiquitous in open-wheeler race cars.

The official line on the situation remains as it was earlier this year. The   Volkswagen Group is looking at whether entry into Formula 1 would be attractive. So, no decision has been made yet.

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