Not all motorsport requires drivers to race door handle to door handle to win. Regularity is a form of motorsport for enthusiasts who want to compete and win, even if they are not the fastest car on the track.

Regularity events reward consistency. You don't have to have the fastest car to win, you just need to be close to, but not faster than, your nominated lap time. The closer you get to your nominated lap time, the more bonus points you get. Go faster than that lap time, and you are penalised heavily. One penalty point can see you tumble well down the placings.

A regularity relay is a team event. Every driver in the team has their own nominated lap time, and the score for the team is the combined results for each driver. Not only do the drivers have to do well, but the pit crew also need to put their energy into this team event. So, the pressure is on every driver and crew member to perform for the team and ensure they do their bit. Get any penalties for going too fast, then the whole team suffers. And, no one wants to let the team down.

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