Hot Cross Buns

It's still 12 weeks until Easter, but the hot cross buns are already on the supermarket shelves. In fact, they have been there since the day after Christmas. Of course, you always know that Christmas has ended when the hot cross buns appear.

A hot cross bun is a spiced sweet bun usually made with fruit, marked with a cross on the top, traditionally eaten on Good Friday. The different parts of the hot cross bun have a specific meaning, including the cross representing the crucifixion of Jesus and the spices inside signifying the spices used to embalm him at his burial and may also include orange peel to reflect the bitterness of his time on the Cross.

Many people, including myself, prefer hot cross buns without the orange peel. Other varieties, such as apple and cinnamon or chocolate chip, are available, but I like the traditional hot cross bun without the peel.

The best way to cook them is in the oven, so they heat through and don't overcook. I then slap on some butter and let it melt into the bun. It is the perfect snack with a cup of tea. I am glad I don't have to wait until Easter to enjoy them.
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hot cross buns

It was always just the intro song that I learned to play when learning a new instrument.
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